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Top 5 Secondary Schools in Western Cape, South Africa

Looking for the best secondary schools in Western Cape? Discover 5 of the best high schools in Western Cape.1 min

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1. Westerford High School (Cape Town)

Westerford High School is a public, co-educational, high school based in Cape Town. Established in 1953, the school has approximately 950 students enrolled. The school has a campus in Rondebosch where the main school buildings are situated, and a secondary campus in Newlands used for sporting activities.

In 2009, Westerford High School was ranked by the Sunday Times newspaper as the top state school in South Africa, and one of the largest feeder schools for the University of Cape Town.

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2. Alexander Sinton Secondary School (Cape Town)

Alexander Sinton Secondary School is a public, co-educational high school located in Cape Town. It was the first school to be visited by Nelson Mandela after his release from prison. Founded in 1951, the school has approximately 1,100 students, half boys and half girls. The school employs 40 teachers and six non-teaching staff.

3. Wynberg Boys’ High School (Cape Town)

Wynberg Boys ‘High School is a traditional boys’ school in Cape Town. Founded in 1841 as a co-educational school, it limited enrollment to boys in 1853. The school is second oldest in South Africa.

4. Windsor High School (Cape Town)

Windsor High School is a former whites only school situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The school offers a range of subjects to cater for the aspirations of all its pupils in the fields of sciences, commerce, social services and technology.

5. Gardens Commercial High School (Cape Town)

Gardens Commercial High School is a co-educational Secondary School in Cape Town. Established in 1961, the school caters for students aged 12–18 years. The school is a lead high school that supports students with exceptional interest, talent, interest or aptitude in the field of business, commerce and management. Gardens Commercial offers subjects in the following fields: Accounting, Business Studies, Economics and Computer Applications Technology.


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